Galvanic systems

C.M.P. has been operating in the sector for over 40 years, designing and building galvanic systems for the treatment and finishing of metals and plastics

We offer our experience in a preliminary study and design service for systems that may be adapted to the specific needs of the customer.

The result is programmable manual and automatic galvanic systems for the treatment of surfaces, eco-systems for the treatment of fumes and special systems.

C.M.P. also provides continuous technical service.


Iron burnishing system

Iron burnishing system

Automatic iron burnishing system intended for metal colouring, obtained by electrolysis, using special solutions. Iron burnishing, particularly chemical burnishing, is […]

Electro-polishing systems

Automatic stainless steel electropolishing system with 2 bridge cranes made entirely of stainless steel The electropolishing systems allow to anodically […]

Manual brass burnishing system

Manual brass brunishing system

The manual brass burnishing system transports material on special baskets specially made according to the geometry and the quantity of […]

Iron burnishing system

Nickel-plating system

Automatic nickel-plating system for brass metal parts, managed by the software that moves the three piece conveyors.

nichel-planting system

Chemical nickel-plating system

Automatic chemical nickel-plating system for metal Automatic chemical nickel-plating system which, directly reducing substances on the nickel ions to be […]

Pickling System

Burnishing system

Semi-automatic iron burnishing system. The transport of pieces with a very particular shape is carried out with specially designed frames. […]

Pickling System

Pickling system

Automatic pickling or dioxidation system: it has the purpose of removing, due to chemical corrosion, the oxide slag covering the […]

Hard chrome plating system

Hard chrome plating system

Professional hard chrome plating system, made up of 2 work tanks for hard chrome plating of steel shafts of various […]


Zinc-plating system

Automatic metal zinc-plating system with 3 conveyors used for transporting piece-holder frames. Consists of 31 work stations and 2 alkaline […]

Metallisation System

Metallisation system

Automatic electrolytic deposition system with plastic materials turned into conductive pieces by metallisation. The system consists of two treatment lines […]