Galvanic systems

Iron burnishing system

Iron burnishing system

Automatic iron burnishing system intended for metal colouring, obtained by electrolysis, using special solutions. Iron burnishing, particularly chemical burnishing, is […]

Electro-polishing systems

Automatic stainless steel electropolishing system with 2 bridge cranes made entirely of stainless steel The electropolishing systems allow to anodically […]

Manual brass burnishing system

Manual brass brunishing system

The manual brass burnishing system transports material on special baskets specially made according to the geometry and the quantity of […]

Iron burnishing system

Nickel-plating system

Automatic nickel-plating system for brass metal parts, managed by the software that moves the three piece conveyors.

nichel-planting system

Chemical nickel-plating system

Automatic chemical nickel-plating system for metal Automatic chemical nickel-plating system which, directly reducing substances on the nickel ions to be […]

Pickling System

Burnishing system

Semi-automatic iron burnishing system. The transport of pieces with a very particular shape is carried out with specially designed frames. […]

Pickling System

Pickling system

Automatic pickling or dioxidation system: it has the purpose of removing, due to chemical corrosion, the oxide slag covering the […]

Hard chrome plating system

Hard chrome plating system

Professional hard chrome plating system, made up of 2 work tanks for hard chrome plating of steel shafts of various […]


Zinc-plating system

Automatic metal zinc-plating system with 3 conveyors used for transporting piece-holder frames. Consists of 31 work stations and 2 alkaline […]

Metallisation System

Metallisation system

Automatic electrolytic deposition system with plastic materials turned into conductive pieces by metallisation. The system consists of two treatment lines […]

Fume treatment systems

Pickling System

Treatment of fumes with nitrogen oxides

Fume extraction and purification system for anodic aluminium oxidation unit, in brightening, pickling and anodic oxidation tanks. All system functions […]

Chrome plating fumes purification

Hard chrome plating unit fume extraction and treatment system. The treatment takes place in two sequences: in the first phase […]

Stainless steel pickling fume treatment

Fume extraction and treatment plant for stainless steel pickling unit with 3 work tanks. The pollutant is purified on 3 […]

Pvc scrubber

Purification of gases generated by decorative chrome plating process. The scrubber is made up of two gas treatment areas: in […]

Venturi cyclone

Suction and purification of pollutants with high dust load reduced in the venturi valve with subsequent treatment in a cyclone […]

Fume abatement tower

Fume abatement tower

The fume abatement towers extract fumes from the galvanic unit with subsequent treatment of the gases generated by various processes, […]

Pickling System

Two-phase tower

Suction from chemical production laboratory with treatment of alkaline and acid fumes in a two-phase bed. This type of plant […]

Chromic acid fume treatment

Hard chrome plating unit fume extraction and treatment system. Treatment takes place in two steps: the first phase in a […]


Hoist structure

Hoist structure

Construction of a metal structure in HEB 160 beams with a bridge crane used for transporting material. The hoist has […]

nichel-planting system

Cooling tower

Evaporative cooling tower for closed-cycle baths, used in hard chrome plating. During the winter season the water accumulated in the […]


Helicoidal fan

Helicoidal electric fan made of Aisi 316 stainless steel with belt/pulley transmission and fan made of plastic material. Shafts and […]


Centrifugal electric fan

Centrifugal electric fan with casing made in PVC, belt/pulley transmission and fan made of ebonite-coated steel.

nichel-planting system

Burnishing tank

Tank used for the burnishing of brass metal parts with device for lifting baskets. Tank volume 300 l


Pickling tank

Tank for pickling large stainless steel structures made of Fe 360 ​​steel with internal and external plastic lamination. Based on […]


Dosage station

Chemical product dosing station used for the transfer of liquids from drum to tanks. A series of by-passes with manual […]


Ebonite-coated impeller

Ebonite-coated impeller made of Fe 360, installed in a centrifugal electric fan used for extracting acid fumes in a pickling […]

Plastics processing

Saldatura con estrusore di lastre

Welding with sheet extruder

Welding with sheet extruder in PP and HDPE with electronic control of working temperatures

Saldatura computerizzata di lastre

Computerised sheet welding

Computerised welding of plastic sheets in PP, HDPE, PVC, etc.

Lavorazione c.n.c. di lastre

Cnc sheet manufacturing

CNC plastic sheet manufacturing