Hard chrome plating system

Chromium plating plants with thick electrodeposition also known as hard chrome plating

Professional hard chrome plating system, made up of 2 work tanks for hard chrome plating of steel shafts of various sizes. This type of treatment gives remarkable surface hardness properties to particular mechanical parts. The purpose of hard chrome plating, of a strictly physical-mechanical nature, is to make certain pieces, in this case shafts and pins, suitable for supporting certain stresses or strains.

The hard chrome plating system is made up of 2 work tanks used for treating shafts with anodic cells made of insoluble lead-tin anodes that have been suitably shaped and welded with a drop system. The liquid is cooled with heat exchangers made of titanium and inserted in the work tanks with forced water recirculation.
The heat is exchanged in a subsequent passage on cooling towers always made of plastic material.

C.M.P. carried out the careful design and construction of the hard chrome plating system, in strict compliance with the laws in force. The air is purified by means of a two-phase system, separation of condensate and fume abatement, which guarantees the maximum ratio of abatement and is largely within the values set by the relevant bodies.


Tank dimensions
Length 3.000 mm
Width 1.500 mm
Height 1.500 mm

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