Pickling system

Automatic Pickling or Dioxidation System

Automatic pickling or dioxidation system: it has the purpose of removing, due to chemical corrosion, the oxide slag covering the raw material to be processed
In this case it is die-cast aluminium, used in the motor industry.

The pickling system has been completely encapsulated to prevent the harmful vapours that develop during the pickling phases from dispersing in the surrounding environment. The chemical products used create a highly corrosive environment, so the choice and use of the materials have been carefully evaluated.

The entire system was made with stainless steel profiles and a high amount of plastic materials, such as PP and PVDF. The software allows the management, modification and programming of the various work phases, simply and quickly.

The automatic system controls and maintains the internal depression of the cabin by varying the rotation of the electric fan.


5-6 frames/h


Length 7.750 mm
Width 2.420 mm
Height 2.800 mm

Chemical sequence

Chemical degreasing
Chemical pickling 1
Chemical pickling 2
Hot wash

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