Electro-polishing systems

Electropolishing systems used to polish stainless steel

Automatic stainless steel electropolishing system with 2 bridge cranes made entirely of stainless steel

The electropolishing systemsallow to anodically polish a metal surface. For stainless steel in particular, electrochemical polishing may become a finishing treatment.

In the process of electrochemical polishing, the electrical conditions, the nature of the solution, the temperature and the stirring of the liquid are influencing factors and parameters controlled and managed by software.

The material is moved by two bridge cranes made entirely of stainless steel and driven by inverter-controlled motors.

The entire electropolishing system is built entirely with material with a high chemical resistance (PP, stainless steel, PVC, titanium etc.). It consists of two stainless steel brightening tanks built with a double internal PVC and PP coating to guarantee maximum reliability. The last treatment of the process is the drying of the pieces, which takes place by means of a forced recirculation furnace with hot air.


8-10 frames/h


Length 16.200 mm
Width 3.200 mm

Chemical sequence

Acid pickling

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